©Harumi Terayama


SKINNED deals with loss of safety in content and form. Confronting the unfamiliar and thus departing from a state of not-knowing, SKINNED looks at risk-taking and our desire for control. The movement research is based on structured improvisation, the dancers act between the polar priorities of intuition and composition. Real physical reaction to sensation is used as a starting point for creating movement beyond habitual movement patterns. The skin delineating the border between self and world is a reference point for the physical research. The piece will be staged in close proximity to the audience. The sound of the dancers’ bodies, their movement, touch and breath will be recorded live and woven into the fabric of the piece.


Premiere 14 October 2018, Theater Roxy Birsfelden/Basel                                            

16/17/19/21 October 2018, Theater Roxy Birsfelden/Basel

January 2019, Tanztage 2019, Sophiensäle Berlin



Artistic Team

Artistic direction: Mirjam Gurtner
Movement devising/performance: Christopher Owen, Sindri Runudde, Valentina Wong, Mirjam Gurtner  
Dramaturgy: Luke Pell
Sound Design / Stage: Lisa Premke, Fabrizio di Salvo
Lighting: Jérôme Bueche
Costumes: Jacqueline Loekito  

Producer: Pascal Moor / Spring Production, Production assistance: Flora Nacer / Sarah Schoch   
Co-produced by Theater ROXY Birsfelden