Teaching / workshop facilitation

I have facilitated contemporary dance classes, workshops and choreographic residencies internationally (UK, Switzerland, Germany, Madeira, India, Jakarta, Ukraine, Nigeria, Armenia, Belgium etc.).

I regularly teach professional class, contemporary dance technique, improvisation, composition and choreography at professional, intermediate and amateur level. I facilitate inclusive dance practice seminars, workshops and teacher training.

Teaching credits: Universität der Künste/Uferstudios Berlin, Chronos Studio Basel, Semiramis Basel, Hiver de Danses Neuchâtel, Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance/London; Greenwich Dance Agency/London, Northern School of Contemporary Dance/Leeds, Morley College/London, ImPuls Studio Berlin

Dance Companys: Dançando com a Diferença Madeira/Portugal, Candoco Dance Company London, Company trivers Berlin

©Candoco Dance Company 2015, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds

©Candoco Dance Company 2015, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds

Teaching / Workshop outline

In my teaching, I share methods central to my work and artistic practice and use scores developed for my latest works.

My movement research is based on structured improvisation, instant composition and the correlation between sensation and physicality. Movement is not fixed but defined in each moment. The dancers decide about the creation of movement as well as its composition in space and time. Acting between polar priorities of intuition and composition the individual is being revealed through personal decision-making. This freedom asks for a highly alert state of presence and play, which becomes visible on stage and serves as a basis for my work. 

In the correlation between sensation and physicality I am looking for a state of ‚not-knowing’. Over-stimulation of the senses often results in physical de-sensitising and repetition of habitual movement patterns. In my work, movement is created as a direct response to sensory experience and thus informed by individual sensibilities. We search for the very personal in order to point towards what is shared. I like to define the studio and stage as a place of practice, where we are able to re-think ourselves. 

Influences for my movement practice are an intense study of Wudang Internal Martial Arts as well as Release technique, Experiential Anatomy, Contact Improvisation and the work of Anouk Llaurens/Lisa Nelson, Thomas Hauert and Trisha Brown amongst others. 

rehearsal directing

2014-2017: Rehearsal director for Candoco Dance Company. London and international touring (Eastern Europe Tour 2017, STEPS Dance Festival 2016 Switzerland). 2013-2015: Rehearsal director for Javier de Frutos’ duet Two for C'. 

2014: Rehearsal director amateur cast for Story of a Night Pianist by Irene Wernli/Anna BuonomonoSite specific promenade performance, Reithalle Aarau/Switzerland.

2011: Assistant rehearsal director for Tanz Bewegt Visionen by Royston Maldoom. Community Dance project with 150 youths, Maag Halle Zurich/Switzerland. 

© STEPS Dance Festival 2016, Switzerland, Dampfzentrale Bern

© Story of a Night Pianist 2014, Reithalle Aarau/Switzerland

© Tanz Bewegt Visionen 2011, Maag Halle Zürich