Public Affairs.

© Gaspard Weissheimer

© Gaspard Weissheimer

© Gaspard Weissheimer


A new work created in collaboration with refugees and Basel citizens.

Public Affairs explores the the movements of a group. A play between proximity and distance, forming and separating, buildup and collapse. A juxtaposition of the individual and the group, of the private and the public. What do we know of each other? How much of the individual is visible an a community? How does the collective perception differ from the personal? Over five weeks, choreographer Mirjam Gurtner worked together with people from Basel and people who have fled to Basel to create a contemporary dance piece. The amateur dancers were not taught a finished choreography but searched for a common artistic language.


Premiere 29 October 2016, Offene Kirche Elisabethen Basel                                                  

8 June 2017. Performance at Wildwuchs Festival 2017, Kaserne Basel.                                       

Artistic direction: Mirjam Gurtner
Choreographic Assistance/Sound editing: Christopher Owen

Lighting/Stage: Christophe Simon
Costumes: Arabella Miller
Original music: Verdrinkwater(edit) – Machinefabriek. Wall – Nils Frahm. Gebeuren 6(edit) – Leo/Davies/Zuydervelt. Snow Static – Corey Fuller. You Are The Earth - Olafur Arnalds
Documentary/Video: Anna Wirz
Production: Tanzbüro Basel, Ursula Haas

Performance: Original cast: Sabin Bally, Corine Bürgin, Naomi Chebil, Elvira Durmishi, Caspar Engel, Abdul Wahid Faizi, Phongphen Saengow Gisin, Mahnaz Jafari Pordasti, Shahnaz Jafari Pordasti, Ghiaseddin Kuki, Julio Lachos, Mohammad Maroof Noori, Mohammad Aslam Timur, Alan Shech Mohammed, Djamila Papaloïzos, Sara Peyer, Rahel Russom, Ursina Schmalz, Hanuma Schai, Ils Van Looveren, Ezatullah Wahedi

Wildwuchs cast: Sabin Bally, Elvira Durmishi, Caspar Engel, Abdul Wahid Faizi, Phongphen Saengow Gisin, Mahdi    Habibi, Zabiullah Hassani, Livia Kern, Ghiaseddin Kuki, Abdulbaqi Mahmud, Shahnaz Jafari Pordasti, Mahnaz Jafari Pordasti, Rahel Russom, Ursina Schmalz, Sonja Schrago, Mohammad Aslam Timur, Phongphen Saengow Gisin

© Emma Lightlowers

© Emma Lightlowers


Premiere 29 October 2016, Offene Kirche Elisabethen Basel, full length video.

©Anna WIrz 

A short documentary on the contemporary dance project Public Affairs, autumn 2016, Basel.