© Sabine Burger. dancers: BewegGrund

© Sabine Burger. dancers: BewegGrund

A new short piece created for BewegGrund Bern.

CORPUS juxtaposes the individual body and the body of a group and examines the relationship of the single to the whole. A questioning of borders and a play with our desire for safety. What becomes visible in the moment of an encounter? 


Premiere 10/11 June 2017, BewegGrund: Das Festival, Dampfzentrale Bern. (Password for full performance video upon request)                                      

Artistic direction: Mirjam Gurtner
Choreographic Assistance/Sound editing: Christopher Owen
Original music: Lubomyr Melnyk - Marginal Invitation
Production: BewegGrund

Movement devising/Performance: Isobel Allen, Lydia Belkalem, Andrea Berchtold, Philomena Heinel, Barbara Hug, Elena Morena Weber, Sarah Mettler, Andrea Müller, David Oplatek, Sabine Pfluger, Sandra Sasti, Petra Stillhart, Ines Zgraggen, Daniela Zurmühle