A short piece created for Candoco Dance Company in Jakarta in collaboration with Tanja Erhart and Dan Daw. An inclusive dance project between Candoco Dance Company and Ballet ID, supported by British Council Indonesia.


Cloud Passade juxtaposes the individual body versus the body of a group and examines the relationship between the single and the whole. Exploring the movements of a group, it plays with proximity and distance, forming and separating, building and collapsing. Cloud Passade questions boundaries and examines our desire for safety. What becomes visible when stability is undone? What is the wild place we keep inside? What is revealed in the moment we meet? 

Cloud Passade was created by Mirjam Gurtner in collaboration with Dan Daw and Tanja Erhart over two intensive week-long residencies in July and September 2017. The dancers created their own movement and developed a common artistic language using improvisation and instant composition as a tool for decision making. Bisindo sign language was used as a source to develop movement material.

Candoco Dance Company is the contemporary dance company of disabled and non-disabled dancers. Founded in 1991, Candoco produces excellent and profound experiences for audiences and participants that excite, challenge and broaden perceptions of art and ability.

Premiere 23 September 2017,  2nd Indonesian Ballet Gala 2017, Jakarta Theatre/Indonesia

Artistic direction: Mirjam Gurtner, in collaboration with Dan Daw and Tanja Erhart for Candoco Dance Company
Movement devising/Performance: Adella Fauzi, Amelia Djajadi, Andi Intan Anjan, Annisa Rahmania, Daniel Setyo Pambudi, Deisha Putri, Hasna Mufidah Bani Mostavan, Heidy Dwiyanti Utami, Herlitha Ralantika, Ida Ayu Rasthiti Adnyani, Isro'Ayu Permata Sari, Keisha Galuh Dwinigdyah, Marta Hardy, Regita Marvela Pangalila

Local Dance teacher: Kojack Kodrata
Original music: Lubomyr Melnyk - Cloud Passade
Lighting/Stage: Gareth Greene, Reynold Setiadi
Costumes: CottonInk
Production: Mariska Febriani and Reynold Setiadi for Ballet ID


© Ballet ID/Jakarta


Video Cloud Passade. Sharing July 2017 at the end of the first residency. Password upon request.