© Christian Glaus. dancers: Christopher Owen, Sophie Arstall, Mirjam Gurtner


A dance performance which plays with our desire for control and the moment of losing safety.

This short piece is part of an ongoing research for the new evening length production SKINNED, which will premier at Theater ROXY Birsfelden on 14 October 2018. 


19/20 January 2018, INKUBATOR 2018, Rote Fabrik Zürich (Password for full performance video upon request)      


Artistic direction: Mirjam Gurtner
Movement devising/performance: Sophie Arstall, Christopher Owen, Mirjam Gurtner
Lighting/Stage: Anutoshen M. Hüer
Music: Time to Go - Franck Zaragoza/Ocoeur

Mentors: Andreas Storm, Nils Torpus, Meret Schlegel



Video FISH OUT OF WATER, Inkubator 2018, full performance (password upon request)