© Wellcome Trust 2016. dancers: Candoco Dance Company


Durational site specific performance DISPLAY for Candoco Dance Company at the Wellcome Collection London. 

What is exposed when we are exhibited? What is seen when we are shown? What do we hear when we listen in? DISPLAY combines opposites: the private and public, intimate and shared, exposed and hidden. Shifting between displaying and being displayed, between what is audible and what is visible, how much dare we reveal?

Working in the large galleries of the Wellcome Collection which brings together science, medicine and the arts, I was interested the act of revealing and exposure, looking to create a real encounter between performers as well as between performers and public. As exhibits for the evening, twelve dancers perform throughout the museum over four hours, bringing a fresh perspective to the Collection.

Collaborating with sound artists Tom Slater and Matt Lewis, I was interested in enhancing the sound of movement and touch and looking at what sound can reveal that our eyes may not notice. In an immersive sound installation, movement was translated into a soundscape and back into sensation. For the performance of the duet unknowing, the sound of the dancers' movements was captured and edited live and could be heard via headphones, and throughout the night, sound and movement were woven into the building's fabric.


Premiere 6 May 2016, Wellcome Collection London, Friday Late Spectacular, 7-11pm



Curated and produced by Candoco Dance Company (Stine Nilsen, Pedro Machado)            
Artistic Direction: Mirjam Gurtner                    

Movement devising/Performance: Adam Gain, Tanja Erhart, Laura Patay, Megan Armishaw, Joel Brown, Toke Strandby, Kathleen Hawkins, Erwin Aljukic, Sindri Runudde, Sophie Arstall, Leah Marojević and Christopher Owen
Sound: Tom Slater and Matt Lewis (call and response)
Thanks to Natalie Coe, Francesca Piddlesden, Scout Davies and the team at Wellcome Collection London

DISPLAY, 4 hour durational performance throughout the gallery // © Wellcome Trust 2016. dancers: Candoco Dance Company                                                                                                  

unknowing, duet performance, Wellcome library // © Wellcome Trust 2016. dancers: Leah Marojević, Christopher Owen. Sound artists: Tom Slater, Matt Lewis.                                                                                                       

Sound of Display, sound installation by Tom Slater, Wellcome Forum  // © Wellcome Trust 2016